Membership Overview

The Federation is comprised of Humane Societies and other groups involved in animal welfare across the state. The Federation relies on statewide agency participation and individual involvement to remain on the forefront of the constantly changing field of animal welfare.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to training throughout the year
  • Access to Ohio Revised Code Law Book
  • Access to information regarding funding opportunities
  • EBI (Euthanasia by Injection) training approved by the State Board of Pharmacy
  • Humane Agent Training approved by OPOTA (Ohio Police Officers Training Association)
  • Networking with other agencies
  • Organizational listing on the Ohio Federate Humane Societies website
  • Support and voice for State and local legislative issues

All members must cooperate with and support the objectives of the Federation; comply with State laws; and maintain accurate and complete records.

Voting members are defined as any incorporated, nonprofit, bona fide Humane society currently registered with the Ohio Secretary of State and elected by the Board of Directors.

Non-voting members include:

  • Municipal Government Animal Control and/or Dog Wardens
  • Nonprofit Animal Welfare Agencies
  • Other member categories

Membership Fees

Organizational Memberships

$50/year for organizations with a budget of less than $500,000. (Includes one copy of the Ohio Fed Law Book)

$100/year for organizations with a budget of more then $500,000 (Includes one copy of the Ohio Fed Law Book)

Individual Memberships

$10/year for Associate Membership

$5/year for Individual Membership

$100 for Lifetime Individual Membership

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